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WHO: There is a huge gap in the funds needed to fight the new crown epidemic
Visitors:    Date:2020-08-13
According to the National Broadcasting Corporation Financial Channel (CNBC), on Monday local time, the Director-General of the World Health Organization warned that there is a huge gap in funding to fight the new crown pandemic.

Director-General Ghebreyesus said that WHO has established a fund called "Accelerator for Acquiring New Coronavirus Tools", or "ACT-Accelerator", but it is between the funds that have been promised to fight the epidemic. There is a "huge global gap".

Tedros said at the latest media briefing at the Geneva headquarters: “We must fundamentally expand the way we provide funding for'action accelerators' and prioritize the use of new tools. Although we thank those who have contributed, we Only 10% of funds can be provided to realize the billions of funds required to realize the "action accelerator" promise."

The ‘Action Accelerator’ was launched in April 2020 and aims to bring together governments, health organizations, scientists, businesses and philanthropists to accelerate the end of the pandemic by supporting the development and distribution of required diagnoses, vaccines and treatments.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) tracks the global pledges for the fight against the epidemic, including funds under the ‘Action Accelerator’ initiative. The WHO said it has pledged US$9.9 billion so far.

Tan Desai said: "The funding required for vaccines alone exceeds US$100 billion. Although this amount of money is a lot, this figure is compared with the US$10 trillion invested by the G20 countries for fiscal stimulus under the current pandemic. Still very few."

Tan Desai acknowledged the pain caused by the epidemic, and he said that despite this, there are still "germs of hope".

Tedros said at the press conference: "No matter a country, a region, a city or a town, it is never too late to reverse the epidemic."

He said: "There are two basic elements in effectively responding to this epidemic: leaders must take action, and citizens need to accept new measures." He emphasized that the best way to defeat the virus is to suppress the virus. He said: "The message I want to convey is very clear: suppress, suppress, suppress the virus."

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